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Death Stranding: The First Step Towards a Different World

During the first day, Death Stranding was watched by more than 200,000 viewers from Twitch and stayed first place among all the other games all day long. Recognized as a writer and director from Metal Gear Solid, Hideo Kojima, has been saying that he wants to stop making more Metal Gear Solid games. Making this

The Cloud Technology of Gaming World, xCloud or Stadia?

Cloud technologies show significant improvements for the gaming world. Stadia, a new product from Google, which we have often heard about as a gaming platform, technically began to be available after November 19, but the product Microsoft xCloud is still mysteriously developing, and the release date is not published yet. Stadia and xCloud Prices In

Exciting Indie Games Of 2020


Indie games always introduce magical worlds to players with their different perspectives. Players can explore embodiment dreams of others and their presented unique experiences due to the variation of indie games. For indie games, 2020 will definitely a very promising year with many titles expected to finally make an impact. NO STRAIGHT ROADS Developer: Metronomik

The Effects of Coronavirus on the Game and Esports Industry


The Effects of Coronavirus on the Game and Esports Industry! Schools were vacated due to the coronavirus (Covid-19), many institutions switched from home to work. During this period when we were all at home, the number of instant active users on Steam, one of the world’s largest game distribution networks and platforms, broke an all-time