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Platform wars keep going for a long time

Recently, many game publisher companies started to bring their own platforms to the forefront and games are divided into different platforms. If their games are not published just their own platform and gamers can find the game on many platforms, they are making different promotions for their own platforms to attract the gamer’s attention. Some of these platforms are;

EA Games – Origin

Ubisoft – Uplay

Epic Games – Epic Store

Valve – Steam

Microsoft – Xbox Live

Play Station – PSN

Blizzard –

Except for those, Google developing Stadia and Microsoft developing xCloud. Also, Amazon will announce their own cloud system’s details in 2020.

GOG Galaxy 2.0 bringing all-libraries-in-one launcher

Galaxy has been in closed beta for several months, but now it’s available to everyone in open beta. The open beta release adds support for cross-platform friends lists and stats-things like what games people playing. It’s very simple to use. Start the client, click to the settings and connect your accounts you want. In the Galaxy 2.0, gamers can see all achievements they earned before. While you can see all your games on the platform, you can also play. About installation, GOG Galaxy 2.0 directing users. So, you don’t have to do anything extras when you use GOG Galaxy. After a few developments, it seems GOG Galaxy 2.0 will be a new comfort area for gamers.

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