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BlizzCon 2019 hit hard with Diablo 4, Overwatch 2, and World of Warcraft: Shadowlands and all Blizzard fans became happy with all this news. 2019 BlizzCon revealed two major new games and two expansions to Blizzard’s other existing franchises. Overwatch 2 is official, bringing co-op missions and a pile of new multiplayer stuff (including new heroes) along with it. Diablo 4 has also finally made its debut, and it did so with enough blood and grime to show Blizzard is trying to differentiate it from Diablo 3.  Blizzcon 2019 has made Blizzard lovers incredibly happy with new games and news. Looks like Blizzard blew up the last bombs of the year to excite the gaming world.

In the opening speech, problems were also discussed, but not very detailed. At the start of the opening ceremony, Blizzard president Allen Brack briefly addressed last month’s controversy over Hearthstone player Blitzchung’s Hong Kong statement and his suspension. Brack apologized, but didn’t get into specifics, change the suspension, or speak to how Blizzard would treat such issues differently in the future. That controversy hasn’t completely blown over. Protesters have gathered outside the Anaheim, California convention center sporting “Free Hong Kong” signs while giving away free t-shirts. Check out our liveblog for ongoing coverage of the protests.

Let’s watch all the news 1 by 1;

Overwatch 2 is coming with lots of news on it. It’s a full-on sequel, with a focus on co-op and new PvE modes. There are Story Missions and Hero Missions, in which you’ll be able to level up your heroes. And Overwatch 2’s PvP additions, like new maps and heroes, will be coming to Overwatch 1, as well, for a “shared multiplayer environment.”

Diablo 4 was Blizzcon’s most noticeable. Blizzard made us watch a short film with his incredibly beautiful cinematography. Diablo 4’s dark world, new style drawings, and game dynamics are already among the most talked about. Blizzard opened BlizzCon 2019 with an extended CG trailer setting up the story and then followed that up with a few minutes of gameplay footage.

We think;  the new content is going to attract WOW fans again, but they have to wait. World of Warcraft’s next expansion is called Shadowlands. It releases next year and will take players to an alternate realm of death and decay where they must choose one of several factions to align with to fight against Sylvanas. In our opinion, these 3 news is the most valuable content of BlizzCon. Hearthstone, Heroes Of The Storm also contains content, but none of the excitement of a Diablo 4 unfortunately.

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