Broken Blade Will Continue to Play on LCS with TSM

Broken Blade will continue his career in the top division with TSM, playing in the league of Legends North American League (LCS). Leena, who is one of TSM’s top executives and is also on Forbes’ list of inspiring young people under 30, made an important statement about the future of Broken blade during her livestream. The famous executive, answered incoming questions during livestream about TSM; “is Broken Blade going to the Academy League?”, then she answered, ”Broken Blade will stay on LCS.” With that answer, the player’s fans were satisfied about the plan and the future of the team.

In November 2018, Broken transferred from Royal Youth to TSM and has spent two seasons with the American team until now. In his first season with the regular season team he finished in third place, who finished in the line-up, had failed to become the champion against Team Liquid in the final.

The famous player had a bad year with his team during the summer season, losing his chance to participate in Worlds 2019.

Having finished the summer season in fourth place, TSM had been among the teams watching the League of Legends World Championship 2019 from home in the quarter-final stage of the playoffs, losing once again to Clutch Gaming.

Old Friends Same Stage

Closer, with his transfer to the Golden Guardians, will fight his former teammate, Broken, on the same stage again. Closer gained many successes in TCL and has played for Besiktas Esports and Çilekler as well as Royal Youth. The famous player was last crowned summer champion at VFŞL Turkey Stage 2019 with Royal Youth and was eligible to participate in Worlds 2019.

We wish Broken Blade in his career and many victories through League of Legends stages!

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