Call of Duty Mobile Breaks Record with 100 Million Downloads

Call of Duty Mobile has had the best launch of any mobile game ever after generating more than 100 million downloads worldwide in its first week.


Call of Duty: Mobile has even beaten Mario Kart Tour, which was downloaded 90 million times in one week.  Fortnite’s mobile release was initially only available for iOS devices, which saw the game receive 22.5 million downloads. PUBG Mobile, on the other hand, received 28 million downloads in its first week, despite the game’s release being staggered across regions. In contrast to this, Call of Duty: Mobile’s release was available across most platforms and devices, from day one. As a result, CoD Mobile had somewhat of a leg up compared to its rivals.


No More Cheating

One of the biggest problems of online gaming is cheating. With one of the most anticipated games of 2019, the customized anti-cheating system for Call of Duty Mobile, Tencent doesn’t spare its support and provides a pleasant gaming environment.


Multiple Perks & Loadouts

Call of Duty: Mobile makes game play more professional if you give time to it. With multiple Perks, you will go in deeper and get more experienced weapons and tactics. When you start to play, game will show you how to reach Perks. You can improve your weapon to hit more accurate or faster reload. Increase your magazine or add red dot to your weapon for more stable aim. Perks are important to play better. In addition to this, you can switch your role in game.


Speedy Gunplay

Call of Duty maybe got a quickest gunplay in mobile FPS games. That’s why players always will be in action. Also low respawn times helpfull that too. Quick gameplay of course very suitable for mobile games. People playing work break, lunch break, on the road etc.

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