Death Stranding: The First Step Towards a Different World

During the first day, Death Stranding was watched by more than 200,000 viewers from Twitch and stayed first place among all the other games all day long.

Recognized as a writer and director from Metal Gear Solid, Hideo Kojima, has been saying that he wants to stop making more Metal Gear Solid games. Making this decision, the problematic relations between Kojima and Konami was effective and both sides decided to separate their paths. Now, with a newly independent production company, Kojima Productions, received full authority from Sony to make whatever they wanted to do.

Death Stranding is a big step!

The players say that this game developed on a very large budget, can only be developed by Kojima. The game is only available on PlayStation 4 but the PC version will be available in this summer. This game is not an action game. It was published more as a cargo handling game. This game is different from all previous games, with its different history and mechanical commands. In many games we have played so far, we have done cargo handling mission as a parallel mission. But it’s the theme of Death Stranding. The details you pay attention to while carrying the cargo and how you use the equipment you acquired on your trip determine the course of the game. The action part of the game is more about how to deal with the enemies you fight on your way. To avoid damage to the cargo, you may want to stay away from these actions. Each cargo has a level of stability. If your cargo becomes unserviceable, you can repair it. Enemies make it very difficult for you to carry the cargo. The equipment you get in the game can ensure the safety of your cargo.

Is Death Stranding that simple?

One of the questions that the players ask themselves; “is the game really that simple?”. No, the story of the game will describe the experiences of Sam Bridges, the main character, who will live in a world reminiscent of a post-apocalyptic atmosphere. There is also a “Timeall” concept in the game. It is the rain that comes from another world and ages almost every biotic life with which it comes into contact with. So, it fascinates players with its fiction.

At the same time, yes, you’re carrying all the cargo. The different transports of the cargo in the game will allow you to get used to the structure of the game. You try to get ahead in the game by transporting your cargo. This game was developed by spending too much money and went completely experimental. The most notable detail of the game is its story. Owing to history, it gives an experience of film in the game. We see that the story progresses very well in mechanics and design as well. It becomes a great option for fans of games and movies. The game has many chapters. Perfect for people who just can’t stand games that are short. In some scenes we see the extensions that the Kojima Company always makes.

Are you ready to become the lead Death Stranding?

According to some players, the weakest part of the game is gameplay. As per the comments, the cargo transport mission becomes a vicious circle after a while. The lack of vehicles everywhere reveals that there is a place to walk on all routes. The game is designed as an “Open World” and as a walking simulator.  Although in early game the obstacles are few, at the subsequent stages the game becomes difficult and the weather changes continuously. There is also a very large inventory system in Death Stranding. The game has very different paths that you can take. While the game might seem hard at first as closer you get to the objective inspirational, music will begin to play increases your chances of completing the objective. There is also an online mode in the game, but this does not mean that you can play with other players. You can only leave signs to help them, and that makes the game easier and interactive. The game also shows how important it is to help people who don’t know each other. For all that there are also many types of weapons to protect your cargo along your route, and there are clues for hazardous areas on the map.

With all this functionality and gameplay style, you have so many missions to accomplish in the world of Death Stranding, are you ready to play on your PS4?

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