What is RUSH For Fun?

RUSH FOR FUN is a place where all esports and game lovers gather. We will follow all organizations about esports and games, play exciting matches and feel the spirit of competition here.

Where is RUSH For Fun Arena?

RUSH For Fun in B8 Tower / Kuwait City / Ahmed Al Jaber Street / Block 4 / First Floor

Can I visit RUSH For Fun Arena anytime I want?

Of course! You just need to do one thing. Call us at xxxx number and make a reservation!

RUSH FOR FUN Arena opening/closing hours: 12 PM – 2 AM

What awaits me in RUSH For Fun Arena?

In Rush For Fun Arena, aside esports and games, you will find so many events like corporate events, event broadcasts, university events, birthday parties, ladies night. We are rady for new ideas, as always!

What is in the RUSH Monsters as hardware?

One of the most common problems about the video game worlds is technical ones. With the RUSH Monsters and PC peripherals, we are eliminating all conditions that will disrupt your gaming experince and focus!

Can I play whatever I want in RUSH For Fun Arena with RUSH Monsters?

Absolutely! You can play the most popular computer, mobile and console games in Rush For Fun Arena. Thanks to our appointment system, Rush For Fun Arena will ready for any games you want to play!

Can I stay inside as long as I want?

We never want to end the FUN and we know you neither. But everyone needs a rest after FUN. Rush For Fun work hours: 12 PM – 2 AM

Can I eat meal in RUSH For Fun Arena when I'm playing games?

You will be able to order your meal with the assurance by Rush For Fun from all restaurants in the shopping center where the Arena is located!

Can I eat meal in RUSH For Fun Arena when I'm playing games?

If you would like to RUSH FOR FUN and to be informed about what kind of activities will take place inside, you just need to follow us on social media!