Single elimination


  • Title: FIFA 22
  • Platform: PS5


Tournament location on Rush Arena: Jabar Al Ahmed Street , B8 Tower , First floor , google location :


  1. Players responsible to bring their own joystick and USB wire
  2. friendly match, 12 minutes (6 minutes per half)
  3. Game speed: normal
  4. Squad type: online
  5. In case of draw: penalty shootouts
  6. Free registration.
  7. Maximum participant locked at 64 player.
  8. To take part in the tournament, each Player must first fill out the online registration form.
  9. Registration is open for players above +13 and vaccinated
  10. Registration is open for players in Kuwait only to play Live / Offline on Rush arena.
  11. If a Player is non-responsive or does not start the challenge 10 minutes past the match’s starting time, then the administrator has the right to disqualify the Player from the tournament.
  12. Expressing insulting comments on profanity, insults, and religious, political and opposite sex and directing such actions will cause you to be removed from the tournament.
  13. Players are responsible for their own technical issues (hardware/internet).
  14. Player may register during open registration. Once the tournament check in begins, the roster is saved and may not be changed.
  15. Selected matches will be chosen for streaming during the qualifier stages, the semifinals and finals stages will be fully streamed live.
  16. Tournament rules can only be edited or changed by the tournament organizer and/or event managers if deemed necessary for the good of the tournament.