G-Star 2019 starts on November 14th

G-Star 2019 starts on November 14th! Get ready! This year, G-Star International Game Conference will be organized in Busan, South Korea. Between November 14-17, South Korea is expecting huge numbers of people from gaming market and gamers from all over the world!

The event brings together many people from gaming industry each year, offering many opportunities for those who attend every year from 2005 to this year. The reason of rising game industry in South Korea, is gathering companies and people from the market all together. G-Star attracts many companies around the world every year. Many great companies like Supercell, Netmarble, Micronics, Epic Games, Google, YouTube, Pearl Abyss, LG, and even overseas companies like Blizzard and Activision participating in G-Star. There’s great potential for productive business meetings and collaborations between companies.

G-Star 2019 is going to be very flashy this year

Starting with the 2019 Korea Game Awards on 13 November, closely followed by the G-STAR Welcome Reception. There are events in the continuation of G-Star 2019; Opening Ceremony, the G-CON Global Game Conference 2019, Business Networking Party, G-STAR Indie Showcase and Game Industry Job Fair.

There are very important factors to take part in G-CON, which will cover all aspects of the gaming industry in particular. G-CON includes sessions and conferences on game design, development, monetization, apps, 3D scanning and more.

The Game Investment Market on November 15, is also going to be the best opportunity for those seeking investments in global gaming market.

Don’t miss G-Star’s events

G-Star’s been here a week like a party. This global event, which has generated a great deal of interest, continues unabated and getting more popular every year with parties and the meetings. G-Star creates a welcoming atmosphere for its visitors with strong English language supported program. Online tickets are no longer available. But don’t worry! Entry tickets to G-STAR are still available on-site at the event place entrance. In addition, video sharing on G-Star via Youtube also continues.

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