League of Legends Worlds 2019 Champion Funplus Phoenix!

League of Legends Worlds 2019 Champion Funplus Phoenix! The winner team of the League of Legends Worlds 2019 tournament, which has a very important place among esport tournaments and is followed by millions of people every year, has been announced.

The final of the tournament which played on 10.11.2019, China representative and LPL champion Funplus Phoenix “FPX“ with LEC champion G2 Esports met together during legendary challenges. Yet to experience the international arena for the first time, LPL representative Funplus Phoenix managed to become the winner team of Worlds 2019 by overwhelmingly outscoring G2 Esports 3-0.

In the tournament, which was attended by 24 teams and lasted 40 days, Funplus Phoenix fought against Vietnam League winner GAM Esports in Group B, EU LCS representative Splyce and LMS representative CTBC J Team. Funplus Phoenix, who started stagnant in the first matches of the group stage, improved their performance as the days progressed and managed to leave the group as first, outscoring their opponents.

League of Legends Worlds 2019 Champion Funplus Phoenix!
FunPlus Phoenix

Meanwhile, Group A surprises on the final day as a result of the G2 Esports tie-breakler lost the first seat to Korean representative Griffin. The European representative, who left the group as the second, had some problems in team.

By the Final stage, Funplus Phoenix faced Fnatic, one of the tournament’s the most experienced teams, in the quarterfinals. We witnessed exciting moments in this matchup with a 3-1 score, the team was the representative of the LPL. After teams victory, they would again have a semifinal challenge against Invictus Gaming, which was a very tough and winner of Worlds 2018. Funplus Phoenix was the team that managed to leave the match victorious and advanced to the final.

G2 Esports, whose name is inscribed on the top round, faced DAMWON Gaming, one of the favourite teams of the tournament in the quarter-finals. G2 Esports fans who passed their opponent without difficulty with a score of 3-1 were also very happy. In the semi-final, the team faced SKT T1, 3 League of Legends Worlds champion, which we can refer to as the final boss. The majority of the early final as a result of this match 3-1 winner G2 Esports managed to write their name to the final.

League of Legends Worlds 2019 Champion Funplus Phoenix! The final match had been called “Funplus Phoenix vs G2 Esports”. Exhibiting a rather turbulent form chart with the LPL representative drawing an ever-rising chart at the tournament, G2 Esports took the stage to get the trophy. However, FPX, which had a rather superior performance in the final stage, became G2’s nightmare. FPX, who won the Final match by an overwhelming 3-0, rewrote the history as the team that won Worlds 2019.

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