Mobile Legends Adventure Tier List

After the massive success of Mobile Legends Bang Bang, the developers Moontoon released another game. Based on the same Mobile Legends universe, Mobile Legends Adventure will take the players to a fantasy world named ‘Land of Dawn’ where they will fight with different enemies as they progress through the campaign.

Just like Mobile Legends Bang Bang, this game also has a variety of things to do. The whole home screen will let the players try out different types of game modes. There are options like Time Portal, Fusion Shrine, Dismantle Shrine, Labyrinth, Tower of Babel, etc. Each of these will unlock as the player progress with the experience level.

Reroll Rate on Mobile Legends Adventure

It would be a good idea to reroll after second 10-draws. You can earn diamonds by completing the daily quests, achievements and from the campaign mode chapters. The 10-draw will cost 2500 diamonds. In the Wishing Shrine, you can draw 10 heroes in premium summon banner and may get the top tier heroes. The drop rate is not quite good though:

5-Star – 5%

4-Star – 8%

3-Star – 45%

2-Star – 42%

10 draw is more advantage then one by one.

All the heroes in ML: Adventure game belongs to one of these types/elements:






Best Heroes For Mobile Legends Adventure


Argus, Estes, Gusion, Alice, Clint, Valir, Lolita, Karina, Angela


Lesley, Hylos, Lancelot, Yi Sun-shin, Gatotkaca, Saber, Rafaela, Chang’e


Grock, Akai, Aurora, Lapu-Lapu, Karrie, Zilong, Harley, Helcurt


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