More Than 10,000 Players Banned in PUBG LITE

PUBG LITE official Facebook page recently announced the unfair third party application users to provide unfair advantage among other players and abusive friendly fire users. Between 25th and 31sn of July 2019, more than 10,000 players banned in PUBG Lite.


The post was published on PUBG LITE’s official Facebook page,

Here is the amount of permanent bans from this past week. We do not condone the use of any unauthorized programs for PUBG LITE. We will actively and strictly punish those who participate in the unfair play.

Period: July 25 – July 31

Permanent Ban: 12,932 accounts

Friendly Fire: 4,077 accounts (1st offense)

74 accounts (2nd offense)


It is obvious that the developer team of PUBG LITE is quite serious and judicial against in-game inequality and deceitfulness. Using third party applications, hacking and inconvenient use of friendly fire can ruin a player’s game experience, their time and making the game lower-rated and unpopular. So far, the report system of PUBG LITE seems pretty useful and responsive to mark hack users and players with negative attitudes.

PUBG LITE has reached a great release interest by the developers and attracted PUBG PC and PUBG Mobile users. Meantime, the lite version of PUBG PC is started to challenge the PUBG Mobile as popularity and user gameplay experiences.

However, the game still including bugs and gameplay errors which creates negative thoughts. Meanwhile, developers are working quite hard with the updated for fixing gameplay bugs and issues, thanks to PUBG LITE player feedbacks and experiences.

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