Dreams are maintaining the revolution created by Minecraft. When Minecraft released and meet the players, shocked everybody. It said the sky is the limit! Now, Dreams made it this sky more colored. You can make games without any code or software knowledge. So, Dreams has a content compatible with its name. Besides the games, players have different options for their creations like visuals, videos and you can add any audio you want.
Well, let’s lookout closely at the games created by players.

The Pilgrim

With different camera angles, game design, map design, texture and effects, The Pilgrim just waiting for its investor.

Fallout 4

Surprisingly good textures, audios and animations! You can explore Fallout 4 again thanks to Dreams and creators.

Sonic Adventure

Just wow! Sonic Adventure released in 1998. If the publishers say “yes, it’s a remake of Sonic Adventure”, anybody can believe it.

Ommny Kart

Crash Bandicoot: Islands of Wumpa



One of the most enjoyable aspects of Dreams is that you can play even while the player’s game is still under development. Players produced countless content in a very short time and did this with the controller. Although it is a bit sad for such a game to be in need of controller, it has become clear that it will break new ground in the game world.

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