Mousesports Became The Champion of Esl Pro League Season 10!


Starting on October 2019, ESL Pro League Season 10 ended with the finals being held in Odense, Denmark between December 3-8.  Mousesports, the European representative of Turkey, was the team that reached the grand cup.

The ESL Pro League season began in October with a total of 48 teams from Asia, Oceania, Europe and the Americas. A total of 16 teams challenged in the EPL Finals, featuring the best from each region. The tournament featured 8 teams from Europe, 6 teams from America, 1 from Oceania and 1 team from Asia.

The finals of the ESL Pro League Season 10 have been a disappointment for North American teams. Because no NA team has ever made it to the tournament semifinals. The EPL Finals began with 2 separate groups consisting of 8 teams. In group matches where a double elimination system was applied, the opening matches were played over BO1 while the other matches were played over BO3.

Natus Vincere and Evil Geniuses from the upper bracket of Group A and Fnatic from the lower bracket managed to make it to the playoffs. Na’Vi, who managed to finish their group in first place, started the playoffs from the semifinals. The teams that qualified for the playoffs from Group B were Astralis, Team Liquid and mousesports. The leader of Group B was Astralis.

The matches in the quarter – finals, where all CS:GO lovers turned their eyes, were: Team Liquid – Fnatic and Evil Geniuses-mousesports. Fnatic did not have much difficulty in the face of its powerful rival. The Swedish team, which won both of the maps played, advanced to the semifinals, becoming Na’Vi’s opponent.

The Final series was played over BO5. The Grand Final, played on the map of Inferno, Train and Mirage, was rather one-sided. Mousesports have always been the dominant side despite losing their dominance in the game against their opponents time to time, and managed to become ESL Pro League Season 10 Champions by winning the series 3-0.

With this victory, the European representative, who owns $250,000, was eligible to participate in IEM Katowice 2020.

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