RUSH PUBG OnePlus Tournament Finale Staged Thrilling Moments

On October 11th in Gamma Game Centre Kuwait, gamers experienced the excitement of PUBG Mobile tournament all day long with the partnership of leading mobile phone brand OnePlus.  With a great prize pool and more than 200 applicant to the PUBG Mobile tournament, continued all day long.

Gaming and Esports in MENA Region

The great interest to games and esports of young generation in Middle East continuously growing day by day. To answers the needs of gamers in MENA region, investors’ interest to the gaming and esports market increased in recent years. With new facilities, gaming platforms, events, tournaments and brands, region started to take the lead while taking firm steps forward in gaming and esports. Rush For Fun coming in hot!


A Day of PUBG Mobile Tournament Excitement

Rush PUBG OnePlus tournament placed itself as one of the most farreaching and supported esports tournament of the region. Between 250-300 people applied before for the all-day-long PUBG tournament, 80 lucky gamers were selected to dive in battlegrounds. After hours of conflicts, rival houndings, explosions and gun fires, last 3 men survived were awarded with cash KD’s from prize pool. The cheer of audience was, priceless… Whole organization part of the tournament held by Game Snack team in Gamma Game Centre. Tournament place, matches and gamer cams broadcasted live on Game Snack Twitch and Instagram accounts.

At the end of Rush PUBG OnePlus tournament final stage, 1st Abdurrahman Muzel, 2nd Abdullah Al-Shemmari and 3rd Abdulaziz AL-Saqry placed to share the prize pool as 300 KD, 200 KD and 100 KD.


Rush For Fun will continue to reach every gamer in the region while expanding the game pool of tournaments, enriching prizes and boosting the experience of gaming and esports. We congratulate winners and wish luck to all participated players; they will need it for upcoming tournaments!

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