The Cloud Technology of Gaming World, xCloud or Stadia?

Cloud technologies show significant improvements for the gaming world. Stadia, a new product from Google, which we have often heard about as a gaming platform, technically began to be available after November 19, but the product Microsoft xCloud is still mysteriously developing, and the release date is not published yet.

Stadia and xCloud Prices

In terms of price, which is one of the most important factors for gamers, the founder package of Stadia Edition is $ 129.99, the Pro Subscription package is $ 9.99, and the basic model is free for users. Of course, the benefits of each package changes. xCloud, on the other hand, seems to be integrated with Xbox One and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate features. Subscriptions on these platforms will open the way to XCloud, and at certain levels, products can be available for free. In line with these comparisons, it seems that XCloud will not be able to gather free users from the stages unless it offers a 1080p 60 fps streaming requirements for free. But if the paid versions offer an integrated use with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, xCloud could be a platform accessible at much more affordable prices.

What games can we play?

Initially, xCloud offered 50 games in the test version, while Stadia started the road with 22 games. Furthermore, considering that xCloud will support 3,500 games directly on xBox One, and considering that there are 1,900 games in development, we can say that the number of games we can play with xCloud in the future will be more than 5,000.

Although, the exact numbers approved for Stadia library are not clear, we know that the company has begun to sign agreements with leading game developers such as Bethesda, Capcom, EA, THQ and Ubisoft. Of course, in the negotiations with these brands, it is unlikely that the games will only released in Stadia. For example, we will see Elder Scrolls 6 on both platforms. xCloud will also support games made specifically for Xbox. XCloud is likely to be ahead of Stadia on the game pool, unless Stadia take a step back, making sure the older games are included on the platform.

Which platform will be easier to use?

Both services are designed to be included in all smart devices. On Stadia side, the TV will be available for all devices we can access to YouTube, including desktop computers, laptops, tablets and mobile devices. xCloud project will be integrated with Android devices and should arrive with Windows 10 support in 2020. We have told that it would be used on all devices when xCloud first appeared, we have not yet seen any improvement in this issue yet. Stadia seems ahead on this point.

So, xCloud or Stadia?

It actually depends on the player’s preferences. For players who want to curl up in their seats and play games, xCloud doesn’t seem to be a very effective option. But for people who own an Xbox One and are familiar with this platform, xCloud offers very effective options.

If you have a fast and reliable internet and you just want to take your controller and enter the game immediately, Stadia can be a much better option for you. The version of the Founders Edition is on the market, although the basic version will not be available until 2020. You have a better chance of getting a better impression of Stadia. But given number of games you can play continues to develop, xCloud seems leading in the new system of gaming world.

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