Time to play Star Wars: Fallen Order!

Time to play Star Wars: Fallen Order!

Electronic Arts defends its claim with the latest Star Wars game! EA Games, the producer of many popular games for gamers, released Star Wars’s new game Jedi:Fallen Order, on November 15th. Developed by Respawn Entertainment and released by EA Games, the game released for PS4, Xbox-One and PC platforms. In fact, it was announced last month that the game would require quite large disk space on PC and Xbox One. Finally, the space requirement of the PS4 version was revealed. Those who want to play the new Star Wars game on PS4, need at least 60GB of free disk space. As you will remember, the game took up 55GB of disk space on PC and 44GB on Xbox One.

Star Wars: Fallen Order continues the adventure

The game’s story is about the return of the Jedi after the Revenge of the Sith. Cal Kestis appears in the sequel as the title character of the game, who manages to escape the events of the Jedi and completing his training while trying to survive. Fallen Order includes advance single-player mode and story-oriented, such as EA Games previous Star Wars game, Star Wars: Battlefront II. The game’s developers announced that players will meet a brand new character and will challenge them as little as the game progresses. As this character, players will have tough times while trying to use his special powers. It is said that because Cal is the The Last Jedi we face, there will be constant difficulties in the game.

The game’s history chronicles the period before Luke Skywalker brought hope back to the Galaxy. Many Jedi, who fought for the good of the Galaxy are either dead or hidden. The nascent Empire thrives. The young Jedi Kestis, who continues his trainings, lives alone on the planet Bracca and scrapping starships for credits. But soon, the hunters who wants to put an end to the Jedi, will chase after him. Star Wars: Fallen Order covers the story of whole Star Wars universe, without taking any risk.

New features and experiences with Fallen Order

With the addition of many new routes to the game, there are skills and tools to be gained in order to cross these pathways. With God of War-styled games, this highly anticipated new game enhanced by equipment from crates those emerges as the game progresses. Although, the developers say that the game is a action game more than a RPG, the color of items such as lightsabers can be changed in the game, droids can also be improved. This feature is the first-ever experience has been seen in Star Wars Games, and this game also features new planets from the Star Wars universe. A feature that distinguishes the game from other games in the series, is the lack of a loading screens while travelling between planets and the fact that the journey’s progress through the communication with the people inside the ship. This new feature allows talent development and the functioning of the story to continue as planned.


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