Vodafone Giants and Nike Signed for Partnership

Vodafone Giants and Nike Signed for Partnership! Spanish esports organization Giants, signed a sponsorship agreement with the world-famous sports company Nike.

The Giants have been a team that has held the throne in everyone’s hearts since 2015 with the achievements with its contribution to the industry. In this long career the company shook hands with numerous sponsors. Ozone Gaming Gear, Drift Gaming, Malaga, VS Gamers and Only the Brave were a few of these sponsor brands. The team, which signed with Vodafone as the main collaborator last year, managed to get the backing of a major communications giant again. According to the latest announcement, the organization contracted with Nike was able to expand its sponsor network.

The team that found its place in the EU LCS failed to realize the expected explosion. The team was relegated from the league in the most recent 2018 summer season with 5 wins and 13 defeats. Without finding a place in the franchise system, the Giants were unable to participate in the LEC. Returning to the arena again under the name Vodafone Giants.Spain, the organization currently challenging in Superliga Orange Summer season, featuring teams such as Mad Lions Madrid, G2 Arctic and Movistar Riders.

Esports has been one of the most talked about topics in the world in recent years. The investments made towards esports, the increase in interest and the ability of the internet to reach multiple people at the same time attract the attention of companies. Well-established and big companies now want to reach the audience by taking advantage of the internet instead of putting up banners and advertising. Being on teams’ jerseys or including their names has become a source of advertising for companies.

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