The tournament will be held on 11th of October, from 3:30 PM to 9.00 PM at Gamma Game. If you don’t want to miss this competition, please fill the form and be ready at the venue. Good luck to all competitiors!


 1st 300 KWD
 2nd 150 KWD
 3rd 100 KWD


 The Competition is limited to the Kuwait residents only.
 Each Round there be 10 Players.
 All competitors will be supplied with a OnePlus 7
 Players to use devices allocated by organizer.
 Players to use accounts provided by organizer.
 Players are not permitted to alter phone settings.
 Players must notify ref before leaving game for any reason.
 The player with the most kills at the end of the game session will be awarded the win.
 Follow time allocation given, any delay will result in disqualification.
 All players are required to show up at least 15 minutes before the tournament.

Applications will be limited with 100 players.