KWD 1.000

Game Settings:

  1. The tournament will be played on the EU West servers
  2. Tournament Map will be: Summoners Rift
  3. Game format: 1 v 1 Private match
  4. Game Type: Blind Pick
  5. Allow Spectators: Lobby Only
  6. Pick/Ban: Draft Pick

Win Conditions:

Each match is decided by a list of win conditions as described in the following:

  1. Get First blood
  2. Get a creep score of 100 (100 cs)
  3. Destroy the first middle tower

Match Area:

  1. It is not allowed to kill minions that belong to other lanes than the mid-lane nor creeps that belong in the jungle.
  2. Disconnects: If a participant disconnects during the champion selection, the lobby has to be recreated. As soon as the loading screen appears the match will count and must be continued.
  3. Bug Abuse: Abusing a bug is strictly forbidden.
  4. Cheating: The usage of any tool that manipulates the game is strictly forbidden

Tournament Format:

  1. Single Elimination
  2. Tournament playoff matches: Best of 1 (First to win 1 round wins the match)
  3. Finals: will be Best of 3 (First to win 2 rounds)

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  1. Registration fee is 1 KWD.
  2. Registration is open to players 13+.
  3. Maximum participants locked at 16 players.
  4. Player ID on same server.
  5. Players must check-in 15 minutes before the tournament starts On Rush Arena, and failure to do so will result in disqualification.
  6. Once the brackets are formed, they will not be changed for any reason.
  7. To participate in the tournament, each player must first complete the online registration form.
  8. If there is any kind of unfair conduct, players must send the record and, after the game is over, alert an Organizer in command of their game.
  9. If any player uses cheating software or tries to use any glitch in the game. The player will be disqualified immediately.
  10. Registration is open to players in Kuwait.
  11. Tournament location at Rush Arena, Jaber Al-Ahmad Street, Tower B8, First Floor, google: https://goo.gl/maps/Zwpvx5hSU621nk288
  12. Comments, profanity, religious, political or sexual insults such as these will result in your disqualification from the tournament.
  13. Players are responsible for bringing their own accessories (Keyboard, Mouse, Headset) to participate in the tournament.
  14. The player can register during the open registration. Once registration for a course begins, the list is saved and may not be changed. Only the players listed in the player can participate with them.
  15. The matches selected for live broadcasting will be carried out during the qualifying stages, and the semi-final and final stages will be fully broadcast live.
  16. Tournament rules can only be modified or changed by the Tournament Organizer and/or Event Administrators if this is necessary in the interest of the Tournament.

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