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29, 30 April – Qualifiers.
1 May – Semi-finals & finals.
starting from 9:00 PM

التصفيات – 29 أبريل و 30 أبريل 2021
نصف النهائي والنهائي – 1 مايو 2021 
ابتداءً من الساعة 9 مساءً





To challenge in RUSH For Fun League of legends online PC Tournament, you must register for the tournament. You can visit the registration page by clicking the button below.


PRIZES – الجوائز 

1st Team
الفريق الأول

KWD 250

2nd Team
الفريق الثاني

KWD 125

3rd Team
الفريق الثالث

KWD 75

TOURNAMENT RULES – قواعد البطولة

Each player who registers for the tournament is obliged to read and know the rules to be followed in the tournament. Be sure to read all the rules before registering the tournament.


TOURNAMENT FORMAT – نظام البطولة

The tournament will last for a total of 3 days, with the first two days qualifying stages and the third day the final stage will be played with the teams succeeding in the qualifying stages. Click the button below to access the registration dates, format and other information about the tournament.



To view the tournament brackets and match scores click the button below.



How Can I Participate in Rush For Fun Tournament?

To participate in the tournament, you should complete your registration by filling out your information completely through the tournament registration form.

I registered for the tournament, how do I get tournament information?

The players, whose tournament registration has been successfully completed, will be gathered in a WhatsApp group by tournament managers before the tournament day. Through this group, all information will be shared with Captain of each team.

When will the tournament take place?

Rush For Fun Valorant Tournament will be held between 29,30 April and 1 May 2021.

Is there a rule I should know before entering the tournament?

Players who successfully complete their registration before entering the tournament are also considered to have accepted all of the tournament rules. Before entering the tournament, you must read all tournament rules and review the tournament format.